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The New World of Online Content Creation and Streaming

Posted by on 2/11/2021
The New World of Online Content Creation and Streaming
With tools like Streamlabs Spin Wheel widget and other resources to use, we are now faced with the following question; in the world of online streaming and content creation is there a place for "real" world promotional games and products? The simplicity of using an app or an overlay screen while doing promotions with your community is a simple solution for sure. Being able to quickly switch from one screen to another and integrate with your other software makes for a great solution. Communities love the way they can be involved with their favorite streamer by redeeming channel points, donating bits, or even subscribing to support these channels. On stream games like "Marbles on Stream" are used often for giveaways and promotional events. And let's face it, everyone loves being noticed. The idea of winning merch or a gift card during a giveaway is a blast for the entire community. So, what about a physical, actual prize wheel? Can one of these old school tools still be utilized today in an online setting to create hype for your community on Twitch or maybe on Youtube? The answer is most definitely YES! The biggest thing you have going for you in your community is you. People are there to see you. People are there to interact with you! Though an on screen prize wheel is fun, and gets the job done, your direct interaction on camera with your community is extremely significant. Switching from a face cam to a prize wheel cam is another great way to transition and interact with your followers. You can use a prize wheel in many ways with your community. Channel point redemptions that make you do crazy stuff. Bit donations that cause you to pause your game and spin the wheel for a special giveaway. Sub goals or donation goals that cause you to stop everything and spin the prize wheel to plan a community event or anything else you can dream of. The possibilities are endless, and the greatest aspect of a real prize wheel is that it keeps you and your personality in the center of the stream and on camera. We think this will help keep your followers and subscribers coming back to see your unique stream. Be creative, get a custom prize wheel or plinko game and dream of the many ways to use it for building your channel and content.

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