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Good uses for prize wheels

Posted by Administrator on 6/25/2013
There are a lot of practical uses for prize wheels. Most commonly, they are used mainly for getting people involved or excited in sales events or possibly to promote a cause and build awareness. Sidewalk sales, booths at a local fair or festival, maybe even inside or outside the front door of a large retail business. These are all simple ways to draw attention to products and services, or to drive donations for an organization. Another way we see them used regularly is to increase corporate and employee morale at internal meetings within a corporation by giving away prizes or vacations. Employees love to have there employer acknowledge and reward hard work. Simply giving away a few gift cards to some popular restaurants at your weekly meeting can spark some fun for your workers. Lastly, and the most broad category is to have a spin wheel just for fun! These prize wheels are used in a broad variety of ways in home and business. Some families buy a prize wheel just to decide what they are going to do on a Friday night. Sports fans use prize wheels in their living rooms for the Super Bowl or other big events with friends. The final verdict is, whatever activity you can imagine, a game wheel can be added to the mix!